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The Bible as History - our new YouTube series

We are excited about our new series on YouTube – The Bible as History. It is being put together by Pastor Richard, our elder, Phil Norman and one of our deacons, Dale Norman. I asked them to tell me what the series is about and what they hope listeners will get from the series.

Phil said “As Christians we believe God has given us a book to study because of its truth claims, and its history. The series has been given the title, " The Bible as History." We hope to tackle some of those difficult questions that have been raised for decades and to positively show that archaeology and historical research has uncovered some amazing truths of Biblical places and people."

The first episode was broadcast at the end of January, looking at the geographical location of the Red Sea. The body of water which Moses led the people through during the exodus from Egypt. At first you might ask, does it matter where it is? Dale believes so, saying, “Although the spiritual side of the Christian life is very important, we also believe the history has equal value. We believe in defending the Bible as accurate when it claims to be stating historical events. If the Bible's history is not accurate then what does that do to our faith? We hope and pray that the topics we have chosen to discuss will help people find answers to some of their questions."

Phil agreed saying, “In gathering together and working over the material for this series, with the overwhelming mass of authentic and well attested evidence now available, we want to show that the Bible is historically trustworthy and amazingly accurate in all its chapters and verses.”

One of the aims of this series is to encourage us all to dig deeper into the historical side of the Bible. Pastor Richard who hosted the first episode with Dale Norman said, “In this new series, we really want people to understand that what we believe is rooted in fact rather than fiction. We aim to show this using a variety of events and people throughout Scripture.”

Click here to visit out YouTube page and view the first episode. The second episode will be this coming Sunday afternoon. (28th February). Is there is a particular topic you would like us to cover? If so please let us know.


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