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The Leadership Team is made up of Pastor, our Elder and Deacons.
The Deacons care for Upper Trosnant’s administration. They meet together once a month to pray for the Church, followed by the business meeting where they discuss and organise events and services, finance, building maintenance, health and safety, and pastoral matters.

Keith Says: I was born in the East End of London, but have lived in Pontypool since 1992. My wife Barbara and I first came to Upper Trosnant because we wanted to get married in Church. We were baptised and became member of Upper Trosnant in August 2009, and I was elected a Deacon and Church Treasurer in September 2011.  

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Keith Fordham

At the Annual General Meeting  we discuss and decide which local, national and international charities we will support. Our Church could not exist without the generous and faithful donations of those who worship here Sunday by Sunday, and it is my role to see that the money is spent wisely and effectively in fulfilling our mission of Proclaiming Christ in Pontypool. Keeping our buildings clean, safe and warm makes an important contribution to our Fellowship, and financial planning is needed to ensure that funds are available for on-going building work. The church also pays for the free refreshments that are enjoyed by the congregation after each service, and for our regular fellowship meals. One of the best parts of my job is giving away ten per cent of the church’s total offering each year! God instructed his people to tithe their money, and the church follows this by deciding

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Annmarie Miles

Annmarie says: I was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. I've been married to Richard since 2000. I come from a large and lively musical family. God sought me out when I was 22. Though I eagerly responded to His call, I was worried I'd have to become 'serious and quiet'. I didn't think I'd be able to do that! I soon found out that life with God is exciting and full of adventure.

Two of my favourite things are at the heart of church life. Music and family. Upper Trosnant is a wonderful family to be part of, and I love playing and singing during Sunday services. 

God's grace has changed my life and it is a joy to be part of His church here in Pontypool. Serving as a deacon is a privilege; I'm part of a wonderful leadership team who are eager to seek God and His will for the church. 

Have you ever wondered why people  go to church?

Have you ever wondered why people follow God?

Come visit us some Sunday - you will always received a warm welcome; and maybe the answers to your questions.

In case no one ever told you - Jesus loves you! 

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