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An Interview with Pastor Richard Miles

Pastor Richard is almost 5 years at Upper Trosnant. On 'The Pastor' page of the website there is some information about him. But we thought it would be nice to catch up with him, find out some more about him, and ask how it’s been, pastoring a church during lockdown.

Let’s start with something lighter though…

There hasn’t been much opportunity to travel this year, but when you can travel, what’s your favourite holiday destination? The Cotswolds, it’s beautiful there. It’s peaceful, picturesque and a pleasant atmosphere. There's lots of historical interest sites, and places to walk. But I do enjoy sitting by a river reading the paper.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I thought I’d be an electronics engineer. I'm told that when I was very young, I would pull the buttons off the television. I used to be into taking things apart, radios and other electronic gadgets. I thought I would end up doing that, but I didn’t.

What did you end up doing?

For most of my working life I was a teacher of primary school children.

What was your first car?

A 1983 blue Talbot Horizon.

If you could only have one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?


What is one fictional character that you wish was a real person?

The Dowager Countess in Downton Abbey.

What is your favourite mode of transportation: plane, train, automobile, bike or boat?

I enjoy a train ride. I don't enjoy journeys by boat!

What are three apps on your phone you can't live without?

Music player, weather app and news app.

OK so, let’s go a little deeper - who has been a spiritual hero in your life?

Can I say two? One of them is my Dad. He was one of the most godly men I ever knew. The other is my first pastor, Revd Hugh Morgan. I was converted under his ministry. He passed away at too young an age. I learned so much from him.

What is something important a grandparent or older mentor taught you?

My Aunty Al was very hot on politeness and manners. She taught me how important being polite is to other people

(she also taught me what a fantastic game snooker is).

What is one worship song or lyric that has really spoken to your heart?

There are so many! 'There is a Redeemer', by Melody Green, has always been with me. The direct simplicity. The way it captures the Gospel message, it’s very straightforward.

You have moved a lot, they say everyone has a "heart home." What is that place for you?


As you grow older, what is one quality you hope to retain (besides a sound mind)?

I trust I will keep an even temper and not become cantankerous in my old age. I would always want to still treat people with respect and gentleness.

How has it been pastoring during the Covid pandemic?

In some ways very difficult. Not being able to see people face to face has been a challenge as a lot of pastoral ministry involves that. On the other hand, technology has been useful and brought opportunities for fellowship. I’m grateful for the way God has used it to keep us together. Preaching has been difficult. Talking to a camera is not the same as talking to a congregation. I’m grateful to be able to preach to a congregation in our church building now, albeit a smaller number.

What would you say to people who are worried about the pandemic?

Concern about the pandemic is certainly understandable, particularly with rising numbers, however, you can trust in God who is in control of the situation. This pandemic has not taken him by surprise.

And to finish off, what are you preaching about this coming Sunday? (18th Oct 2020)

I’m preaching about being thankful to God for his goodness, it’s part of a series of encouragement which you can listen to on our sermons page. A thankful person is a great encouragement to others. We are also marking 200 years of Upper Trosnant being in our building (not me personally) :)


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