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Oh be careful little eyes what you see...

One of my earliest memories concerns a yellow plastic duck, in a washing-up bowl, full of water. I went to school when I was three, enjoyed each day until one sunny, Summer afternoon I came home to find a collection of my toys on the path outside; with the duck in the bowl. My mum explained that my cousins, who didn’t go to school, had come to visit and explored my toy box. I was affected by what I saw. I was disappointed that I had missed my cousins and dismayed that foreign fingers had rummaged through my belongings. I had determined that if I continued to go to school, I would ensure that I did there, would make up for anything I was missing by being away from home. What I saw affected what I did!

A recent Free Press article described how Play workers had transformed Abersychan Hall at Glansychan Park with a bright and beautiful mural. I quote, ”This is an on-going project where we are trying to re-vamp areas that are not nice for children to walk through. There was some bad language on the wall, so we thought we would cover it up with something brighter and more community friendly."

What they saw affected what they did!

It is very important that we monitor what children and young people see on the media. We need to do something about the language, the life style, the literature projected on large screen and mobile screen. What they see affects what they do!

My reaction to the duck in the bowl, in the wrong place at the wrong time, provoked disappointment, dismay, determination. Other potential responses could have been distrust, (Will they come back tomorrow?). Desolation, (I missed out on a treat). Dislike, (I don’t want to see them again). But what about delight? (They enjoyed playing with my toys) and decision, (I go to school. That’s the choice made for me).

Concerning the delightful wall mural, I quote again. “ We will keep doing this until we can make this area feel safe for children to walk through.” What we see affects what we do!

Which is, of course, one reason for Jesus coming from Heaven to Planet Earth. So we could see God’s love in action and act accordingly.

Have a good week!


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