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Answer to prayers - old & new

On September 26th 2017, construction work had begun on the new £350 million hospital in Llanfrechfa, Cwmbran. We read that this state-of-the-art super hospital will offer complex and acute emergency care to patients, and will be known as The Grange University hospital. It will have a helicopter pad for patients who arrive by air ambulance and will provide more than 40 specialist services. This will be OUR new 21st century model of healthcare. Meanwhile, (possibly years while!) we are so grateful for the care and compassion provided in all our existing hospitals.

Recently I was in hospital. During the night, I needed the toilet -- urgently. The other patients were sleeping, the ward was dimly lit by the light in the corridor outside. I reached for the bell pull, and nothing happened. What to do...? Shout, and waken everybody up? Risk falling, if I tried to get out of bed on my own? With great wisdom, I prayed.

One dear lady in the ward was prone to 'wander' in the night. Just at that moment, she got out of bed, and walked out of the ward. A watchful nurse brought her back, noticed my plight; ergo, prayer was answered. The bell didn't work because I had wound it tightly around the bed rail, lest it fell on the floor and I couldn't reach it.

Three things to note in this anecdote: First - Prayers are always answered, not always in the way we expect, but certainly, if we are expecting an answer, we will always get one. Second - The bell did not ring, because it was restricted. We can silence our joy, peace, hope, confidence when we tense up with anxiety, fear, sometimes panic. God is always available to cope, especially when we can't. Third - The nurse came to my aid. My experience of local hospital care gives them 100% for consideration and kindness. Without exception, every worker was patient and cheerful, right to the end of their shift.

While we wait for the new---we are in safe hands with the old!

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