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That first Easter day

When you are sharing those chocolate Easter eggs with children and grandchildren --- maybe you could share this story of Easter with them.

A boy named Ben lived in the city of Jerusalem and his house was built into the city wall. The roof was flat and he could climb down into an alley on the other side. In the alley was Mr Joseph's garden. It was a lovely place, and at the side of it there was a cave, in which Mr. Joseph would be buried when he died. At the side there was a huge round boulder: this would be rolled over the entrance to the grave cave to keep his dead body safe.

Ben was watching a group of people bringing the dead body of Jesus to be placed in the grave cave. He watched them roll the heavy boulder over the entrance. Jesus was a carpenter, from Nazareth. Then he became a travelling preacher. He cured sick people, he performed miracles, he was believed to be the Messiah, the son of God ,-- even the King of the Jews! Authorities did not like this. They arrested Jesus and accused him of blasphemy. He was tried --and sentenced to death.

Those kind hands, which did such good, were nailed to a cross of wood. Jesus was crucified and died. Mr Joseph collected the corpse and brought him to the grave cave in the garden. Ben watched it all.

The next day, he climbed into the alley, and stood by the sealed cave. Was this the end of Jesus ? On the morning of the third day, Ben climbed into the alley before dawn. In the grey mist, the garden was full of light. It streamed out of the grave cave ---which was open! The boulder had been rolled away, and in the entrance stood... Jesus !

Ben ran towards him. "You are supposed to be dead," he said. Jesus laughed.

"Oh, Ben," he replied. "You can't kill God. I am alive; for ever more."

Then the sun rose in glorious splendour --and all the birds in Jerusalem sang on that first Easter day .

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