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Upper Trosnant is run by its members, under the guidance of the Pastor, Elders and Deacons.  There is a warm welcome for everyone at our Sunday Services and at all mid-week meetings.
Baptists began meeting together at Upper Trosnant in 1776, and the church is listed as one of the oldest buildings in Pontypool. Our hall has a large central space with a modern and well-equipped kitchen, and is used for many different meetings and activities. Both the church and the hall are fully accessible.
Our Data Protection Policy has been updated in line with the General Data Protection Regulations and the UK Data Protection Act 2018.
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I         Upper Trosnant because...

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 ...there is a real spirit of prayer amongst us.

...of the warmth of all the people.

...the church is not the building, but the building, albeit 200 years old, is a beautiful place that holds so many special memories for us both.

...I have had many, many years there since I was first taken at 3 years of age.

...of the welcome I received when I joined the Women’s Prayer Retreat some years ago.

...it’s not too formal; it’s just like meeting as a family.

...I am so blessed by the fellowship of the saints in prayer.

...it always lifts my spirits when I spend time there with God’s people.


...of the warm welcome and the music.

...I have always found peace and love there.

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