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The Bible Study starts at 7.00, but come 10 minutes early and you can have some tea or coffee and biscuits to enjoy as we begin the meeting with a time of sharing news and prayer needs. We pray for people in the Church, for the needs of Pontypool and the wider world.

Different people take the Bible Studies each week. We have been looking recently at, amongst others, Proverbs and the Book of Daniel.

Friends and visitors are always welcome to join the Bible Study, whether you are an expert on the Bible, or have never opened its pages before. It is a great way to learn more about the Christian faith in a friendly and interesting atmosphere, and if you have any questions about God or the Bible, this is the place to get them answered.

When there are 5 Wednesdays in the month, we spend one of them concentrating on prayer; for our local area and for God's work across the world. On 4 Wednesdays each year, the Bible Study and prayer meeting is replaced by the Church Meeting. This is where members of the Church come together to make or ratify decisions about what Upper Trosnant is doing. Non-members are always welcome to attend and see how the Church is run. The latest newsletter will always tell you what meeting is on.

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